Job Opportunities 

We are looking for easy-going, energetic, fun loving folks who love the outdoors and like to work hard.

Our season runs from May through September (our Lodge being open through the middle of October), with the busiest times being July and August.  We appreciate employees not taking vacations during this busy time.

PLEASE APPLY ONLY ONCE (per season). Apply for your top pick first, and then let us know via email or your cover letter any other job interests that you have.

When should I apply?  We post most all of our positions beginning in mid-January.  This is when we will start the interview process and will make most hiring decisions by March.  If you don't see a position listed, it is not available.  

**Please do not apply for a position you do not really want or are not qualified for just to get your application seen.

By submitting your application, you agree to allow us to correspond with you and to conduct background / reference / credit checks as we deem necessary.

 Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide exceptional active travel vacations and experiences in and around Glacier National Park while preserving and protecting Glacier's unique ecosystem using ecologically sound practices. We join and support the National Park Service, the United States Forest Service, and the surrounding communities in efforts to preserve and conserve the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.


  1) You must be in good physical condition with the ability:
- to lift 35 lbs on average, and up to 70 lbs occasionally.
- work in variable types of weather (sometimes extreme).
- to walk on rocky, uneven terrain.

2) Basic knowledge of rigging, knots, river safety and rescue.

3) Certification in Wilderness First Aid/ CPR and Swift Water Rescue (there are opportunities to take these classes for a fee in the early spring).

4) Knowledge of river features, Glacier and Forest Service policies, flora and fauna of the area.

5) Must like people and water.

6) Have a personable easy going attitude with attention to safety.

Preferable: WFR (or equivalent) certification, valid driver's license, cell phone.



  1) You must be in good physical condition with the ability:
- to lift and carry 50 lbs on average, and up to 75 lbs occasionally long distances.
- to hike up to 8 miles on average and up to 18 miles per day occasionally.
- to work in variable weather conditions (sometimes extreme).
- to hike on rocky uneven terrain, up elevations of up to 3,000 feet in a day.

- drive for up to 4 hours at a time.

- to handle stressful situations.

  2) Certification in Wilderness First Aid/ CPR and Bear Management Training (BMT is provided by the Park Service).

3) Excellent knowledge of Glacier policies, history, trails, flora and fauna.

4) Must like people and the outdoors.

5) Have a personable easy going attitude with attention to safety.

Prefer: WFR (or equivalent) certification, valid drivers license, cell phone.


  Guide duties include (but are not limited to):

  Pre-trip:  Route selection; permits; brief vehicle inspection; packing all food and equipment; preparing guest rental equipment.

  On Trip:  Meeting guests; providing guest orientation, route explanation, Leave No Trace principles; transportation of guests to and from trail head; hiking and following Park Service policies; overseeing general well being of guests; cooking, cleaning, following Leave No Trace protocols; providing first aid when needed.

  Post trip: Clean vans and equipment; make sure rental equipment is clean / dry / in working order; communicating with office and owners about trip; completion of trip evaluations.


Glacier Guides and Montana Raft Company