Job Opportunities 

We are looking for easy-going, energetic, fun loving folks who love the outdoors and like to work hard.

Our season runs from May through September (our Lodge being open through the middle of October), with the busiest times being July and August.  We appreciate employees not taking vacations during this busy time.

PLEASE APPLY ONLY ONCE (per season). Apply for your top pick first, and then let us know via email or your cover letter any other job interests that you have.

When should I apply?  We post most all of our positions beginning in mid-January.  This is when we will start the interview process and will make most hiring decisions by March.  If you don't see a position listed, it is not available.  

**Please do not apply for a position you do not really want or are not qualified for just to get your application seen.

By submitting your application, you agree to allow us to correspond with you and to conduct background / reference / credit checks as we deem necessary.

Location: MT


1) You must be in good physical condition with the ability:
- to lift 25 lbs on average, and up to 50 lbs occasionally.
- work in variable types of weather.
- to walk on rocky, uneven terrain.

2) Basic knowledge of rigging, knots, river safety and rescue.

3) Certification in First aid/ CPR and Swiftwater Rescue (there are opportunities to take these classes for a fee in the early spring).

4) Good knowledge of river features, Glacier and Forest Service policies, flora and fauna of the area.

5) Must like people and water.

Preferable: WFR (or equivalent) certification, valid driver's license, excellent knowledge of Glacier and surrounding area, and have a personable easy going attitude with attention to safety.


The following guide responsibilities are (but are not limited to):

Pre-Trip Principle Responsibilities:

1) Go over guest profiles:
- Medical, dietary, equipment needs and trip expectations.

2) Determine appropriate itinerary with the River Manager and be familiar with that section of river.

3) Check weather forecast and river levels.

4) Making sure that you are personally prepared:
- Personal equipment, personal health, satellite phone, bear spray, first aid, dry bag, PFD.

5) Prepare guest equipment (If going overnight):
- Review guest files for needs, party number, ages, and gender to determine proper sleeping arrangements and equipment sizing.
- Prepare appropriate boat(s): check tubes, frames, oars, paddles, poop decks, and safety gear.
- Double check that equipment is in working order.

6) Prepare food (if applicable):
- Plan meals based on trip length and dietary restrictions (review guest files for food preferences/allergies, age, and gender).
- Make sure all your kitchen utensils and gear are clean and working.

7) Check kitchen and gear room. Leave them in better condition than you found it.

8) Familiarity with GG Loss Control Plan and exit options for specific itinerary.

10) Make sure office knows your final itinerary, and pick up/ return time.
- Make sure your shuttle vehicle is clean, fueled and ready to go.

On-Trip Responsibilities:

1) Greet guests and help them fit their lifejackets, splash gear and booties and help them with any other needs.
- Go over guest packing list to check that guests brought appropriate gear for their trip.

3) Provide safety and equipment talk. Go over Leave No Trace principles.

4) Facilitate Q & A session before leaving to ensure guests knowledge of trip.

5) River Duties:
- Provide a fun (but safe) route down the river. Follow route advice of the head boatman.
- Provide natural and human history interpretation to guests.
- First aid care and prevention.

6) Proper campsite selection, set up and take down (LNT ethics).

7) Proper food storage that is animal safe.

Post-Trip Responsibilities:

1) All equipment must be cleaned and put away. Vehicle must be cleaned and fueled. Everything you used must ready for use for the next trip.

2) Sign the equipment log and vehicle log.

4) Trip evaluation form must be filled out and filed at conclusion of each trip.

5) Company Christmas cards and postcards filled out for each overnight
guest/ family.

6) Record any observations in the Chalkboard News to help other guides.

We will help you with these duties and suggest itineraries for the first couple of trips but it is your trip and you are responsible to see that the necessary duties are done. When the guests arrive, you should be ready to greet them and help them with whatever they need.

The success or failure of your trip depends on your preparations for and execution of your duties for the trip.